Press release – Jørgen Sandvik – The law

New single

Jørgen Sandvik – The Law

Cover from the single The Law by Jørgen Sandvik

The Law  is a single from the forthcomming album Permanent Vacation.

Jørgen Sandvik, the young Norwegian veteran has toured the world with the folk rock ensemble Real Ones. As a solo artist he plays the blues. To Jørgen the blues is a state of mind, not only a musical genre.

The Law is based on a blues classic by John Mayall, originally entitled The Laws must Change.  Jørgens Sandviks version has a lot of energy and a slightly psychedelic vibe. A fresh take on really cool song that still is relevant.

Jørgen Sandvik  is an award winning artist. He have received the “Spellemannspris” (A Norwegian Grammy) and awards and nominations for live performances and compositions.

The Law is recorded and produced by Jørgen Sandvik and Ivar Chelsom Vogt. Mix and mastering by Jørgen Træen.


Lekrofon (Digital), Catalog: LEK 005 – ISRC NOHFB1808080.

Apollon Records will release the album Permanent Vacation on CD og LP. Release: March 2018.