Lekrofon is a record label run by Singstad Music. The album Permanent Vacation by Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the «Spellemannspris», a norwegian wversion of the Grammy.

The main focus is digital releases. CD and LP version may be released by partners.

The Lekrofon releases are available on all major music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Beat.no, Tidal and more.

The first release was the single Into The Sunset bw Chasing Life by MK’s Marvellous Medicine. Releasedate was June 6. 2014. Since it’s release, Chasing Life ws the most streamed Norwegian blues track for years. MK’s Marvellous Medicine later won the Spellemannspris, a Norwegian Grammy. The 2016 release Permanent Vacation is nominated for the Norwegian grammy, the Spellemannspris.

Since then Lekrofon has released music for Jørgen Sandvik, What Ever Happens, Be Yourself, D’Accord and Vilnes. Jørgen Sandvik’s song Is There Hope? was chosen by the editorial team at Spotify of Norway for inclusion in official playlists from Spotify. Releases by Vilnes is also selected by the editorial team of Spotify.

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These ar the artwork of the Lekrofon releases.