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Press release Vilnes – Story Unsaid



The new single from the Indie Pop Genius of Norway was selected for the New Music Friday Norway by the Spotify editorial team! It also found its way to the chart of an South African indie radio upon release. That’s fun!

Story Unsaid is mainly about the choices we make, and how our choices over time develop into stories. This message is seen through the eyes of a free, spirited and unspoiled youth. The journey has just begun for this kid and treats such as beauty, nature and love is yet to be discovered.

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Jørgen Sandvik awarded best blues album of 2018

Press release

Jørgen Sandvik is awarded the best blues album of 2018 in Norway

Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the “Spellemannspris” for his debut album. This award is the Norwegian recording industry’s prize, comparable to the more famous Grammy. The album Permanent Vacation awarded best blues album of the year.

The album was released in March 2018. It was produced by Ivar Chelsom Vogt and Jørgen Sandvik, and mixed and mastered by Jørgen Træen. The album was released by Lekrofon. CD and LP is distributed by Plastic Head Distribution and Border Music (Norway)

This is Sandviks first prize as a solo artist. He has previously won the Spellemannspris and other awards with the band Real Ones and others.

The album was recognized as important by reviewers. Jørgen Sandvik “moves the blues forward”, and “saves the blues” are relevant quotes from reviews.

The singles was played by blues oriented radio stations all over the world, and the song “Is There Hope” was selected for playlisting by the editorial team of Spotify.

Gaute Singstad, manager
+ 908 73 161,


Play With Me by Vilnes

Play With Me is the third single from the Norwegian singer songwriter Vilnes. Play With Me is a irresistibly catchy song. The mood is uplifting and inviting. This is 3:00 minutes of indie pop magic, born for the airwaves and playlists for indie, summer moods and feelgood.

Play With Me” is about expressing the basic need we feel towards having a partner in crime, how much easier things would become as the force of two, and the lengths we would be able to go to if we were to find someone with 100% mutual vibes.

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Jørgen Sandvik nominert til Spellemannspris

8. februar 2019

Jørgen Sandvik nominert til Spellemannsprisen 2018

Jørgen Sandvik 2018

Jørgen Sandvik er nominert til Spellemannsprisen for sitt første soloalbum kalt Permanent Vacation. Kritikere uttalte at Jørgen Sandvik “redder bluesen”, at det er håp for bluesen og at han bringer bluesen fremover.  Låter fra albumet har blitt spilt på radiostasjoner over hele Europa. Albumet er produsert av Ivar Chelsom Vogt og Jørgen selv, begge kjent fra Real Ones.

Det har blitt sagt at Jørgen Sandvik “redder bluesen”, og at han tar sjangeren videre. Selv ser Jørgen bluesen først og fremst som en tilstand. Hans posisjon i blues-tradisjonen er å både å se lengre tilbake og lengre frem.

“Is there hope?” trekkes ofte frem som et av høydepunktene fra platen. Den ble også valgt ut av Spotifys redaksjon, og spilles hyppig på spillelisten Morgenkaffe. Sangen var også innom Norway Viral 50 Norway noen uker i høst!

Jørgen Sandvik (43) har tidligere vunnet to Spellemannspriser med Real Ones, og en med Sigrid Moldestad.

  • Nominert i kategorien blues
  • Pressebilder:
  • Albumet ble utgitt på Lekrofon 16. mars 2018.
  • Distribusjon CD og LP: Plastic Head og Border Music (Norge)


Gaute Singstad
+ 908 73 161


Good Old Days by Vilnes

Press release:  Good Old Days by Vilnes

Vilnes - Good Old Days

Vilnes – Good Old Days

Good Old Day tells us something about how everything in our childhood feels easier and more enjoyable. The lyrics are reminiscing about one’s past. V I L N E S has chosen to wrap the significance of the lyrics up in a feel-good laid back pop-vibe. This is catchy indie pop suitable for airplay and playlists for indie pop and indie rock. Very great for that morning coffee mood.


V I L N E S is in his twenties. An even younger Vilnes enjoyed some recognition with earlier bands. One morning he got a phone call from a major Norwegian festival telling him that they just had to play at the festival. After the conversation Vilnes enjoyed his morning coffee and life in general. But he could not escape the idea of “having to play”. Do I have to do this and that? Anyway, he keeps his guitar within reach, and before he even knew it a new song was popping into his mind. Eager to know if other could like it, he brought his guitar and entered the streets of  Bergen to present his new song to anyone passing by who might enjoy a new song. They did, and Vilnes is still writing new songs all the time in his free spirited way, but nowadays the phone calls are answered by his manager!

Vilnes. Photo Jim Hansen



Background and releases

Good Old Days by Vilnes is listed on regional radio stations in Norway. The liveband will have their first gig at the showcase festival Blest 18. januar 2019.

V I L N E S first song ‘Demons’ was selected as one of the best songs of 2018 by Radio Wigwam (UK). According to Nordic Music Review (UK) “this really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius”. The Norwegian singer’s first song was also listed on a major Norwegian regional DAB radio station (OR).

Label: Lekrofon. Distribution The Orchard  ISRC: NOHFB1811010  Available on all major music services.

Produced by Jon-Anders Orlien. Written by Eivind Vilnes

Sales Points

  • Playlisted on Norwegian Radio Stations Ordentlig Radio and RAdio 102. DAB/FM/Internet
  • Presented on the legendary Radio Caroline (UK), heavy rotation on Radio – WIGWAM (UK)
  • Awards from Emergenza and Bandwagon with former bands
  • Promotion by Singstad Music (Norwegian Grammy with MK’s Marvellous Medicine)
  • Distribution by Phonofile/the Orchard

Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Similar bands: Shawn James, Jamie Lidell, Nick Waterhouse, Eric Hutchinson, Train

Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Sax, Bass and Drums