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Press release – Vilnes EP

Vilnes EP – Indie pop from Norway

It has been a great year for Vilnes! He was recently awarded Best Male Artist by Radio Wigwam(UK). In Norway the single Story Unsaid was listed for 12 weeks by the national Broadcaster NRK P1. Spotify’s editorial team did also select  several tracks  for their New Music Friday Norway playlist. Several songs are also playlisted by Alex Rainbird Music’s  Youtube channel with 750K followers!

His first 5 track EP is available on streaming services, world wide & elsewhere. Go to VILNE S EP

Vilnes EP

The new tracks are the opening track Helping Dude and the beautiful Going Home closes this first multi track release from Vilnes. 

With this release Vilnes showcases both his amazing voice and his skills in songwriting.  There is no formula to the song book of Vilnes. Variation is the key, but still there is a signature. His ability to make rich songs with irresistibly catchy lines and hooks is amazing, and it is all present on this EP.

Musical performances by Eivind Vilnes, Felix Rudi, Einaras Baltrimas, Ella Helén Bukkøy, Stian Brungot og Sigmund Weyergang Omvik. 

The EP was produced by Jon-Anders Orlien.


  1. Helping Dude 3:07
  2. Story Unsaid 2:47
  3. Play with Me 3:00
  4. Good Old Days 2:22
  5. Going Home 3:49

Links to music streaming services

The VILNES EP is available on most music services. The campaign site includes links to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube and more.

Quotes from reviews:

  • This really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius.  – Nordic Music Review (UK)
  • Irresistible, catchy and uplifting , Phonograph Me (Portuguese)
  • Yet again we have to look to Norway for a new name appearing in the heaven of pop music (Popmuzik.se, Sweden)
  • Play With Me is a irresistibly catchy song. The mood is uplifting and inviting. (Hot Lunch Music, USA)

Details – Vilnes EP

  • Release date: 6. December 2019
  • Radio: Formatted MP3. Please ask for files for broadcast – lekrofon@singstad-music-com
  • All Songs are written by Vilnes. 
  • Twitter handles: @vilnes_official (artist) @lekrofon (label)
  • Label: Lekrofon | Facebook | web | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube |
  • Distribution by The Orchard

Sales Points – playlist and radio

  • Awarded Best Male Artist of 2019 by Radio Wigwam (UK)
  • Selected by the Spotify editorial team
  • Selected for playlists by AlexRainbirdMusic
  • Playlisted for 12 weeks on NRK P1 National radio in Norway)
  • Previous releases presented on the legendary Radio Caroline (UK), heavy rotation on several indie net radios.
  • Previous awards from Eggstock, Emergenza and Bandwagon with former bands
  • Promotion by Singstad Music / Lekrofon ( 2x Norwegian Grammy winner)
  • Distribution by The Orchard

Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Folk

Similar bands/inspirations: Jamie Lidell, Nick Waterhouse, Eric Hutchinson, Allen Stone and Hozier. 

Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Fiddle, Bass and Drums



Single – We all Should Have Known by Specific Moments

Press Photo - Specific Moments

Press ReleaseWe All Should Have Known is about trying to be responsible by relating to current affairs, and the feeling when you realize you gave away your trust a bit to easily. (Remember sexy sadie?) However, in the good spirit of the Specific Moments mentality, life goes on, Keep the good vibe, and carry on. The catchy chorus should inspire optimism and forward movement.  

Specific Moments is a quartet playing feel good party music with proper lyrics that makes sense when you listen to their music on your own. They are known for a  live show that get their audience on their feet, dancing and enjoying the sing along moments! 

Specific Moments is from Bergen Norway. Bergen is the main city in the fjords of Norway, and a melting pot for musicians and songwriters in Norway. 

We All Should Have Known is the last single from their forthcoming EP entitled 1234 scheduled for release in November 2019. 




Details – We All Should Have Known – Specific Momets – Lekrofon

  • Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Funky Pop
  • Radio: Ask for formatted MP3 files.  lekrofon@singstad-music.com.
  • We All Should Have Known is written by Specific Moments. 
  • Produced by Daniel Birkeland, Havnelageret Studio
  • Mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studio
  • Label: Lekrofon ISRC:QM7281942760  
  • Catalog: LEK018 UPC:194491284336
  • Distribution: The Orchard
  • Twitter handles: @SpecificMoment  (artist) @lekrofon (label)
  • Similar bands/inspirations: John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage The Elephant & Foo Fighters
  • Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Saxophone, Keys,  Bass and Drums

Cover art

Cover art: We All Should Have Known

Cover art: Specific Moments – We All Should Have Known (Lekrofon)

Specific Moments

For information about the release, radio promo and so on, contact Singstad Music/ Lekrofon at lekrofon@singstad-music.com

Specific Moments is managed by Myrna Braza