Press release Vilnes – Story Unsaid



The new single from the Indie Pop Genius of Norway was selected for the New Music Friday Norway by the Spotify editorial team! It also found its way to the chart of an South African indie radio upon release. That’s fun!

Story Unsaid is mainly about the choices we make, and how our choices over time develop into stories. This message is seen through the eyes of a free, spirited and unspoiled youth. The journey has just begun for this kid and treats such as beauty, nature and love is yet to be discovered.

Story Unsaid is the fourth single from the Norwegian indie artist Vilnes. The last release was selected for the New Music Friday Norway by the editorial team of Spotify.  Story unsaid is yet another gem from the “indie-pop genius”.  The mood is laid back and chilled, but uplifting. In a strange way it is sentimental, but makes you want to move on.  This one also showcases Vilnes as a very fine singer to be reckoned with.

Playlists: suitable for playlists with focus on uplifting moods like summer and coffeelists.
Genres: Indie pop and rock.   


  • Irresistible, catchy and uplifting , Phonograph Me (Portuguese)
  • Norwegian frontman channels the wistful folk aesthetic of Fleet Foxes, Mystic Sons (UK)
  • I want to hear more from Vilnes! (Hilde Zahl, NRK P1)
  • we all hereby formally request a full album  (Nordic Music Review, UK)
  • Yet again we have to look to Norway for a new name appearing in the heaven of pop music (, Sweden)
  • It’s absolutely brilliant, and I love every second of it, UK Indiependent
  • ..we ask ourselves “Why is this single so good?”  (Comeherefloyd, UK)
  • Play With Me is a irresistibly catchy song. The mood is uplifting and inviting. (Hot Lunch Music, USA)
  • The organic nature of this release adds immensely to its strength and appeal. (Stereo Stckman, UK)
  • This really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius.  – Nordic Music Review (UK)
  • Regardless of your previous mood, Good Old Days by V I L N E S will make you happy. – Studentradioen I Bergen


  • Release date: 10. May 2019
  • Campaign sites: Preview| pre-save | Soundcloud | Vilnes at Spotify |
  • Radio: Please ask for files for broadcast.  (Nomally  formatted and tagged MP3 -320)
  • Story Unsaid  is written by Vilnes.
  • Label: Lekrofon
  • Twitter handles: @vilnes_official (artist) @lekrofon (label)

Sales Points

  • Selected by the Spotify editorial team
  • Vilnes is playlisted on Norwegian Radio Stations
  • Previous releases presented on the legendary Radio Caroline (UK), heavy rotation on several indie net radios.
  • Awards from Eggstock, Emergenza and Bandwagon with former bands
  • Promotion by Singstad Music / Lekrofon ( 2x Norwegian Grammy winner)
  • Distribution by The Orchard
  • Partner in Germany:  Solar Penguin

Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Folk

Similar bands/inspirations: Jamie Lidell, Nick Waterhouse, Eric Hutchinson, Allen Stone and Hozier.

Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Fiddle, Bass and Drums