Press release Jørgen Sandvik – Regrets

Jørgen Sandvik – Regrets

At last, a new recording from the award  winning blues man is available!

Regrets is a reflection on one’s life as the sun sets. It has become some sort of fashion to not have regrets. This song may be considered a comment to this.

This song is written, performed and produced by Jørgen Sandvik. He plays acoustic guitars, 12-strings, dulcimer, his custom lap-steel and bass drum and sings all voices. Mixed by Yngve L. Sætre in Duper Studios. Made in Bergen, Norway.

Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the “Spellemannspris” for his 2018 album Permanent Vacation. This price is an Norwegian Grammy.



  • Genre:  blues, folk, indie blues
  • Regrets is written, recorded and produced by Jørgen Sandvik
  • Mixed  in Duper Studio by Yngve L. Sætre
  • Label: Lekrofon
  • Twitter handles: @Jorgen_Sandvik (artist) @lekrofon (label)


  • Jørgen Sandvik awarded the Spellemannspris (Grammy)
  • Listed on Spotify
  • Known from the folk pop band Real Ones
  • Promo: Singstad Music/Lekrofon (2x Grammys)