press release – Specific Moments – Carry On

Press Release

Specific Moments – Carry on

New Single scheduled for 21. July 2019

Specific Moments is a happy go lucky band from Bergen Norway. Still, their songs are about real life issues. This is music suitable for both that really good party mood and those moments when a proper song is what you need to get things going.  

Carry On is about helping someone getting out of a dark place. A bit like «fake it ‘till you make it.» It is about looking past the hopelessness of a situation and seeing that everything will be ok in the end.

Carry On is the second offering from their forthcoming EP, released by Lekrofon. This is a sing-along-song with neat guitar licks, ready for playlists and the airwaves!

Specific Moments will do their first shows abroad when Carry On enters the streaming services! Live gigs and Radio Shows in Helsinki Finland is coming up.

  • Playlists and radio: uplifting moods like summer mood and feel good indie, sing along indie, and coffeelists.
  • Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


Carry On – details

  • Radio: ask for formatted MP3 
  • Carry On is written by Specific Moments.
  • Produced by Daniel Birkeland, Havnelageret Studio
  • Mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studio
  • Label: Lekrofon ISRC: QM6N21941654
  • Catalog: LEK017 UPC: 193483932514
  • Twitter handles: @SpecificMoment  (artist) @lekrofon (label)

Sales Points

  • Previous tracks played on NRK P13. (National Broadcaster of Norway)
  • Their first release on Lekrofon was played on lots of indie radios and podcasts.
  • Promotion by Singstad Music / Lekrofon ( 2x Norwegian Grammy winner)
  • Distribution by The Orchard

Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Funky Pop

Similar bands/inspirations: John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage The Elephant & Foo Fighters

Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Saxophone, Keys,  Bass and Drums