Whatever Happens Don’t Be Yourself!

WHATEVER HAPPENS DON’T BE YOURSELF is non-progressive cinematic jazz experience with hints of improvisations, lyrical qualities and the art of noise. This journey brings you sheer beauty, confusion, monotony, surprises and some serious trouble. Whatever happens, don’t be yourself.

This record is a meeting point of differences. What happens when  artists from jazz, pop, folk, contemporary music, blues, country and art-noise brings their experiences into  a common project?  

Musical contributors

Jon Hegre, Nils Are Drønen, Stein Urheim, HP Gundersen, Heidi Torsvik, Audun Waage, Lasse Marhaug, Snorre Bjerck, Yuyue Zheng, Daniel Birkeland, Norvald Dahl og Alexander Grieg. These musicians and creators are well known from the Norwegian and European music scene.

Artwork: Ana Jorge

Digital services


WHATEVER HAPPENS DON’T BE YOURSELF is released as a digital release by Lekrofon. It is available on most digital music services. The Promo site has links to the major services lik e Spotify.

Catalog: Lekrofon 003℗© 2016


  1. 667
  2. Paint Me A Picture
  3. Drunk On Tarmac (Baker Street)
  4. Mantra Music Machine
  5. Don’t Be Yourself
  6. Folkesang
  7. Scan Dep
  8. Mantra 1