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Press release – Specific Moments – Fly Me Away

Press release

Specific Moments
Fly Me Away


Specific Moments is a happy go lucky band from Bergen Norway. Still, their songs are about real life issues. This is music suitable for both that really good party mood and those moments when a proper song is what you need to get things going.  

Fly Me Away is about finding a sanctuary or a peaceful place to go when you are overwhelmed with either stress or negativity. Fly away to someplace different that lets you find your own inner peace.

Fly Me Away is the first offering from their forthcoming EP, released by Lekrofon. This is a guitar driven sing along funky pop song that really sticks! We hope to see it hit the airwaves and suitable playlists.  

  • Playlists and radio: uplifting moods like summer mood and feel good indie, sing along indie, and coffeelists.
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Story Unsaid by Vilnes listed on NRK

Story Unsaid listed by NRK P1 in week 23 2019.

This is the first listing on national radio for Vilnes. Story Unsaid was released 10. May 2019. It was placed as no. 3 on the C list by the national broadcasting company of Norway.

The song was also selected for the New Music Friday Norway by the editorial team of Spotify.  Indie oriented radios all aover the world have also playd this and the previous releases by Vilnes. Continue reading

Press release – Boots by UR

First track from UR – Boots

Cover art: UR – Boots

Boots is a song about the powers that be, and the feeling of powerlessness. In times when the powers walk steadily, and without hesitation watches every step you take there are those who speaks up. This singer keeps singing songs, to keep faith as times are getting rougher.

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Press release Jørgen Sandvik – Regrets

Jørgen Sandvik – Regrets

At last, a new recording from the award  winning blues man is available!

Regrets is a reflection on one’s life as the sun sets. It has become some sort of fashion to not have regrets. This song may be considered a comment to this.

This song is written, performed and produced by Jørgen Sandvik. He plays acoustic guitars, 12-strings, dulcimer, his custom lap-steel and bass drum and sings all voices. Mixed by Yngve L. Sætre in Duper Studios. Made in Bergen, Norway.

Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the “Spellemannspris” for his 2018 album Permanent Vacation. This price is an Norwegian Grammy. Continue reading

Press release Vilnes – Story Unsaid



The new single from the Indie Pop Genius of Norway was selected for the New Music Friday Norway by the Spotify editorial team! It also found its way to the chart of an South African indie radio upon release. That’s fun!

Story Unsaid is mainly about the choices we make, and how our choices over time develop into stories. This message is seen through the eyes of a free, spirited and unspoiled youth. The journey has just begun for this kid and treats such as beauty, nature and love is yet to be discovered.

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