Dobbeltgjenger is a groovy, fun and neon-saturated alternative rockband from Norway. Their music is as dark as it is bright, as festive as it is rebellious.

Dobbeltgjenger 2022. Photo by Jarle H. Moe

Their critically acclaimed third album SMOOTH FAILING was released in April 2021. The reviews all concludes that Dobbeltgjenger a new force on the rock scene. «A new kind of rock music!» as Museek (Germany) says it.

The Dobbeltgjenger line up

Dobbeltgjenger is Vegard Wikne (Lead Vocals and guitar), Sondre Veland (Drums. Known from Major Parkinsons and Wardruna, and as a profile for Paiste Cymbals), Knut-Martin Langeland Rasmussen (guitar). Bastian Veland (guitar and synth) and Jone Kuven (bass).

Dobbeltgjenger performes “Dive In” at Hulen, Bergen. 2021.

Dobbeltgjenger is influenced by the likes of QOTSA, Talking Heads, Tame Impala, Led Zeppelin, The Strokes and Peter Gabriel. Dobbeltgjenger wants to present something new and exciting in the rock genre. Something that will make you dance, light stuff on fire, cry with you mates and jump in the polluted river down town. Please listen to the records and enjoy the live videos to get a taste of the experience of their «Voodoo Rock Disco!»

Dobbeltgjenger 2021


Their albums got flattering reviews in around Europe and in the US. Check the qoutes!

  • «Accessible, original, varied and addictive rock album» Music Waves (France)
  • «A new kind of rock music!» Museek (Germany)
  • «A energetic power package» Bergens Tidende (Norway)

More quoutes for Smooth Failing and Limbohead at Karisma Records

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Music Video – Johanna 2021