V I L N E S is the artist name of the Norwegian indie pop artist Eivind Vilnes. He is a singer performing his own songs with a band or on his own. There is always something inescapable catchy to his songs. He was recently called an “indie pop genius” by an english blog. The single Play With Me was presented on the New Music Friday Norway by the Spotify editorial team and selected as the single of the week by NPS. The single Story Unsaid was listed by NRK P1. (National Broadcaster of Norway)


Vilnes. Photo Jim Hansen

V I L N E S is in his twenties. An even younger Vilnes enjoyed some recognition with earlier bands. One morning he got a phone call from a major Norwegian festival telling him that they just had to play at the festival. After the conversation Vilnes enjoyed his morning coffee and life in general. But he could not escape the idea of “having to play”. Do I have to do this and that? Anyway, he keeps his guitar within reach, and before he even knew it a new song was popping into his mind. Eager to know if other could like it, he brought his guitar and entered the streets of  Bergen to present his new song to anyone passing by who might enjoy a new song. They did, and Vilnes is still writing new songs all the time in his free spirited way, but nowadays the phone calls are answered by his manager!

Eivind Vilnes was born and raised in the Fjords of Norway in the small village of Atløy.

Reviews and awards

His first self-released single ’ Demons’ was released in late October 2018.  ‘This really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius’ is a quote from a review by Nordic Music Review (UK). Further three songs was released by Lekrofon in the first half of 2019. Nice reviews and mentions keep coming!


  • Irresistible, catchy and uplifting , Phonograph Me (Portuguese)
  • Norwegian frontman channels the wistful folk aesthetic of Fleet Foxes, Mystic Sons (UK)
  • …a delightful slice of indie, Unheard Indie (Podcast Sondcloud | Google | Spotify )
  • I want to hear more from Vilnes! (Hilde Zahl, NRK P1)
  • Vilnes creates indie pop magic! (NPS, NO, Norwegian)
  • We all hereby formally request a full album  (Nordic Music Review, UK)
  • Yet again we have to look to Norway for a new name appearing in the heaven of pop music (, Sweden)
  • ..we ask ourselves “Why is this single so good?”  (Comeherefloyd, UK)
  • Play With Me is a irresistibly catchy song. The mood is uplifting and inviting. (Hot Lunch Music, USA)
  • The organic nature of this release adds immensely to its strength and appeal. (Stereo Stickman, UK)
  • This really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius.  – Nordic Music Review (UK)
  • Regardless of your previous mood, Good Old Days by V I L N E S will make you happy. –Studentradioen I Bergen
  • Vilnes shows a striking talent for pop music, (Bergens Tidende, Norwegian)

Demons was listed on major regional radios, Ordentlig radio and Radio 102). It was also played by the legendary Radio Caroline (UK), got heavy rotation on Radio Wigwam (UK) and others.   

His superior songwriting and performance gave him awards at both the Bandwagon and Emergenza showcase festivals.  

V I L N E S will be releasing a string of songs in 2019, and the live band will hit the road this same year. After packing the house at the club Underlig in the home town Bergen, Vilnes and his magic band was booked to Bergenfest


Singstad Music:

Booking Europe (Outside the Nordic countries): Solar Penguin




This is Vilnes performing his song Back To The Start with only vocals and piano.

Live band

  • Eivind Vilnes, Lead vocal, guitar and piano
  • Einaras Baltrimas, Saxophone
  • Jone Kuven, Bass
  • Felix N Rudi, Drums
  • Ella Hélen Bukkøy, Backing vocal and fiddle
  • Miriam Tumyr, Backing vocal

Vilnes at the Blest Festival in Førde 2019